Sina Gam Diba company ,with registration number 27151, was established in 2011 and it has been exploited in manufacturing synthetic fibers since19.7.2011. Due to the fact that the major raw materials of this company is supplied through recycling petrochemical products, this company has a main role in supplying the needs of northwest of the country by providing 25 tons of fully hygienic synthetic fibers in a day which is used in manufacturing filling products, doll making, carpeting and the layers that are used in waterproofing. Through exporting its manufactured fibers to the neighbor countries, this company has provided exchange and employment opportunities of about one hundred people. The raw materials used in this company is one of the harmful materials of the nature. Recycling these materials and converting it to a hygienic and utilizable product in the most tangible requirements of life such as carpet, mattress, pillow, doll, … is one of the honors of Sina Gam Diba company and rows this company as one of the green industries.